Frozen meals by Chef Bertus Basson

Frozen meals by Chef Bertus Basson

Chef Bertus Basson is famed for the remarkable success of Overture restaurant, which he established as chef and owner in 2007. The picturesque Winelands restaurant has been awarded prestigious accolades from the Eat Out guide and Rossouw’s Restaurant guide. Since 2007, Overture has grown into a family of restaurants that now includes The Deck, Eike, Spek & Bone, and De Vrije Burger in Stellenbosch. His emergence into media and television as a host and judge on ‘The Ultimate Braai Master’, ‘Brood en Botter’, and ‘Goed, Beter, Bertus’ has made him a popular television personality throughout South Africa. As well as his recent tv production – ‘In die Sop’

KOS by Bertus Basson
Exclusively sold on Umatie’s website

We are thrilled about our partnership with Chef Bertus Basson and we believe that you will absolutely LOVE this new South-African-inspired range available to our website!

How KOS works:
There are 4 KOS Meal Box Sets to choose from, each box set includes one KOS main, two SIDES and one PUDDING. With 1.3kg of food to share between two people, you will feel wholeheartedly loved after your meal!

You can also make up your own box by picking from the individual KOS mains, sides and puddings. All the combinations work well together!

KOS is the ultimate comfort food that should be in your freezer, ready to be enjoyed whenever you feel like a comforting meal. Cooked to perfection with amazing flavours and local ingredients, it’s the true taste of home.

“Lekker eet julle!” ~ from Bertus Basson

Umatie Love x