What does Umatie mean?
“Tamatie!” When Judi, one of the co-owners of Umatie, was a baby she loved tomatoes but couldn’t pronounce the word properly... instead she asked her mommy to please give her an “Umatie!”

Umatie was started by two sisters, Anna and Judi in 2012. Even though they come from diverse backgrounds, graphic design and accountancy, they have a shared passion... good food!
Coming from a big family who loves cooking and healthy eating, they have always enjoyed spending time in the kitchen. Umatie grew from humble beginnings in a small cottage and is now a certified manufacturer of baby and kiddie meals with a factory in Stellenbosch.
When Anna's first baby started on solids, she was more than excited to try new recipes for her little one. Seeing her enjoyment of the food, Anna and Judi decided to share these yummy meals with other babies. From our years of experience, it is pretty evident to us that babies love to eat. Expose them to good food and they will love good food!

Our rule at Umatie is: “If you don’t want to eat it, don’t give it to your baby!”

 We believe in healthy living and lots of laughter. Eating is fun and family is everything. We believe in making a difference and looking after our planet. We take care of the people we love. A happy heart is one that gets fed lots of yummy Umatie food!