what's cooking

What's Cooking

17 August 2017
Wellness Warehouse

We've entered the SOUTH! BIG news for parents in the Southern Suburbs…

Next time you find yourself doing a spot of shopping or taking the kids to the movies at Cavendish Square, remember to pop into Wellness Warehouse where you'll find a well-stocked freezer of Umatie foodies for your baby or kiddie! That'll ensure you have some extra 'me-time'... every day!

Yummy Baby & Kiddie Meals
to your door!

Umatie cooks yummy and nutritious baby and kiddie meals for your little one to enjoy. Our baby range is suitable for babies from when they first start weaning and our kiddie range for kiddies from 18 months up to the age of 5 years. We make weaning effortless in order to help busy parents spend more time with their family.

We take great care in cooking our Umatie meals and we’re proud to say that our meals are not mass-produced. We cook our meals in small batches and freeze them to lock in all the goodness, with a guaranteed freshness for up to 8 weeks.

Our meals are GMO-free and we source our fresh produce from farmers who adhere to integrated farming or Global G.A.P. Our chicken is free range and the beef and lamb we use are from free-roaming animals not treated with any routine anti-biotics. We absolutely do not add any sugar or salt to our baby meals and certainly don’t add any preservatives or additives. We do add a teeny bit of pink salt and brown sugar to some of our kiddie meals to offer a well-rounded, scrumptious meal.

Umatie Packaging

We have searched high and low for packaging that’s earth-friendly and safe to use for babies. Our food containers are 100% recyclable, biodegradable and compostable. Our natural packaging - sleeve, bowl and lid - are freezer friendly and microwave safe, making our packaging completely eco- and baby-friendly.

And if you’re wondering what Umatie stands for? When Judi was a baby she loved tomatoes but couldn’t pronounce “tamatie” (Afrikaans for “tomato”) properly and instead asked her mommy to please give
her “Umatie”. heart