Salt and Sugar

We do not add any salt or sugar to our baby meals. Our meals are naturally sweet from the selection of ingredients we use. We do add a little pink salt and brown sugar to our kids range to offer a well-rounded, scrumptious meal.


The meals in our Petit Purees and Dinky Dinners are free from allergens. Cow’s Milk and Wheat (Gluten) are the only allergens we introduce in our factory. We manage them through a strict allergen management programme. The allergens are clearly listed when you view the product.

Fruit and Vegetables

We source our fresh produce from farmers who adhere to integrated farming or Global G.A.P. Our fresh produce is delivered to us on a daily basis to ensure absolute freshness and to meet the consistent quality standards we require. We are generally unable to only use organic products. This is due to the amount of fresh produce we use but also that it’s not available throughout the year.


All the meat we use is Halaal and is from free-roaming animals not treated with any routine antibiotics. Our chicken is free-range; they are raised stress-free and free from growth promoters. We only use leg of lamb when we cook our lamb meals to ensure a delicate meat profile. The beef we use is from a farm that uses natural farming methods, which ensure full-flavoured, lean beef of the highest quality. We only use deboned forequarter for our 90.10 lean mince to ensure consistent quality in our dishes. With these commitments we can ensure consistent quality in our dishes.

Additives and Preservatives

Our meals are free from all the nasties like GMO, MSG, colourants and hydrogenated fats. We use fresh ingredients and make everything from scratch, including our salt-free, free-range chicken stock we’d like to call our “holy water”. Whenever we buy products already packaged or tinned, they will have a clean label. Our dried spices are free from additives. We only use organic dried fruit, free from sulphur dioxide. We do not add any preservatives, flavourings or starches to our foodies and we freeze it to naturally preserve it for up to 7 months in the freezer.