Our factory is based in Stellenbosch and we fly our foodies nationally for delivery to further areas. As an added safety measure all orders leaving our factory, for delivery and pick-up, will be packed in an Umatie insulated box with gel ice packs. This mini-cooler keeps our foodies cold and safe when travelling for up to 8 hours. Once your order is received, please pop into the freezer immediately!


As our baby meal tubs are small, they can defrost easily and some of our fruit purees never freeze completely. To ensure our foodies are safe when travelling from our freezer to yours, we add the gel ice packs as an added safety measure to ensure the temperature in the box remains ice cold. If you receive your order and some tubs are slightly softer to the touch than others, but the box is ice cold inside and the gel packs frozen, it is 100% safe to pop back into the freezer. There is no health or safety risk when the foodies are semi-soft but ice cold. Usually, it will be the top one or two tubs feeling softer but as long as the ice packs are frozen and everything inside remains ice cold, it will be completely safe to pop back in the freezer.

When it is not safe to refreeze:
If the box feels warm inside and the ice packs completely melted upon delivery, we would know that the safety of our box has been compromised along the way. In this instance, please phone us immediately.


Umatie would love to re-use the box and reduce waste. Our courier will collect it from you when they deliver your next order.

Be kind to nature. Please reuse and recycle our packaging. We've taken great care to package our food in sustainable materials. All packaging used is reusable and 100% recyclable.

Our sleeves are made from 76% recycled stock and can be recycled. Our tubs are 100% recyclable, PP#5. The contents of the gel packs can be emptied into your garden and is eco-friendly. If you don't have a garden, you can add table salt to the gel contents which will turn it into liquid. You can pour it down the drain. Please recycle the plastic pouch. 

Our food safe package promise

We’ve sourced our BPA-free, food safe packaging from local companies who comply to high standards, with the certification we require to ensure we offer our customers a quality product that keeps our foodies safe in the freezer. Our Umatie products have a best before date of 7 months. We hot fill our tubs as a safety control measure and some ice particles may be visible when you open the tub – this is the condensation from the hot filling and the freezing process. The hot fill process uses heat to sterilise both the product and its container during the food packaging process.