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Umatie - For The Love Of Good Food

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This is us

We are two sisters from Cape Town with a passion for good food. We started cooking our tasty meals from a small cottage in 2012 and are now based in a small factory in Stellenbosch. We still do everything how you would at home with no shortcuts - especially not the ingredients. In fact, we have perfected our meals to offer your baby or kiddie the best there is in terms of nutrition, texture and variety. We believe that weaning should be easy, your littlies should grow to love food right from the start. We also cater for the rest of the family with our convenient Soulful Suppers.

hearty & delicious frozen meals for babies, kiddies and families

our meals

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Select the category of choice.

Step 2
Choose from the selection of meals in each category.

You can select from different categories in one order.

Step 3
Select your delivery option.

You can also collect your order from our factory in Stellenbosch.

Step 4
You will receive an automated invoice when you place your order.

We will then process your order and notify you via email with a delivery or collection date.

Allow 2 working days for your order to be delivered.

What happens next

What happens next?

we process
your order

Orders are processed Monday to Friday (7am-4pm). Orders placed after our working hours, during a weekend or public holiday, will be processed the next working day. We will always notify you as promptly as we can.

you pay for
your order

You can pay using Payfast, Zapper or EFT. Send a POP if you pay via EFT. Depending on your payment selection, the required payment details will be reflected at the bottom of your invoice. Delivery will only take place once payment is received.

we deliver
your order

Allow 2 working days from when you place your order until we deliver. We deliver Monday (9am-1pm) and Tuesday to Friday (2pm-5:30pm). Collections are Monday to Friday (7am-4pm) from our factory.

Our products

Umatie - Hearty & Delicious Meals

Lovely Local Products
spoil someone you love

We just LOVE LOCAL LIVING and have teamed up with our favourite local brands! Choose any of our Mealtime Accessories for your baby or kiddie as they are perfect for mealtime fun, or treat a friend with a baby shower gift or first birthday gift. When you order our Ama-zing Gif-ting, you’ll receive a R100 voucher PLUS a free earth-friendly gift bag and tag - no need for wrapping!

You can add any of our lovely local products when you do a foodie order or you can order them individually. Our Umatie branded coolers are also great to keep at hand for when you purchase Umatie foodies on the go.

Heating our meals

Heating our meals

heat our meals
from frozen

It’s best to heat our meals from frozen to ensure an ideal consistency. Remove the outer sleeve, break the tamperproof seal and remove the lid before heating. Safely heat in a microwave until well-heated, stir in between to avoid hot spots.

our food safe
packaging promise

We’ve sourced our BPA-free, food safe packaging from a local company who complies to high standards, with the certification we require to ensure we offer our customers a quality product that keeps our foodies safe in the freezer for 5 months.

our packaging

Our tubs are BPA-free, 100% food safe (with no nasties!), heat resistant in the microwave and dishwasher safe. Safely reuse them over and over again. Once done, they’re 100% recyclable (PP #5).


Umatie made my life so much easier

Our ingredients

What's in it for you

What's in it for you

Salt and Sugar
We do not add any salt or sugar to our baby meals. Our meals are naturally sweet from the selection of ingredients we use. We do add a little pink salt and brown sugar to our kiddie and grown-up meals to offer a well-rounded, scrumptious meal.

Fruit and vegetables
We source our fresh produce from farmers who adhere to integrated farming or Global G.A.P. Our fresh produce is delivered to us on a daily basis to ensure absolute freshness and to meet the consistent quality standards that we require. We are generally unable to only use organic products. This is due to the amount of fresh produce we use but also that it’s not available throughout the year.

All the meat we use are from free-roaming animals not treated with any routine anti-biotics. Our chicken is free range and the chickens are free to roam, raised stress free and are free from growth promoters. Our lamb is from a family-run business with over 20 years’ experience. They only source quality lambs from local farmers and they can trace the lamb back to the farmer. The finest cuts of lamb are used and hand trimmed to ensure consistent quality in our dishes. The beef we use is from a farm that uses natural farming methods, which ensure full-flavoured, lean beef of the highest quality. We only use deboned forequarter for our 90.10 lean mince to ensure consistent quality in our dishes. Our pork is from an accredited HACCP and export facility. Food safety with technical excellence and quality are their priorities. With these commitments we can ensure consistent quality in our dishes.

We have meals that contain allergens (dairy and wheat/gluten). All allergens are listed under the “more info” section when selecting the meals.

Additives and preservatives
Our meals are free from all the nasties like GMO, MSG, colourants and hydrogenated fats. We use fresh ingredients and make everything from scratch, including our salt-free chicken stock. Whenever we buy products already packaged or tinned, it will have a clean label. Our dried spices are free from additives. We only use organic dried fruit, free from sulphur dioxide. We do not add any preservatives or flavourings to our foodies and we freeze it to naturally preserve it.

hearty & delicious frozen meals for babies, kiddies and families

Door-to-door Delivery

hearty & delicious frozen meals for babies, kiddies and families

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