Spring clean your freezer

Spring clean your freezer

Long gone is the era where a freezer is a black hole where unwanted foods are stored for a rainy day… next year!

Frozen is the new fresh! It is super convenient and with the variety of great meals available, you can eat as if it’s prepared by your own hands, with a fraction of the time spent in the kitchen! Especially during the week when everyone is strapped for time. For this, you need to get organised!

Unpack your entire freezer
Switch it off and give it a good clean
Use a hairdryer to speed up the process
Group items together and store them per shelf/drawer

For example:
– Berries, frozen yoghurt, ice cream, ice trays
– Bread, pizza bases, pizzas, pitas, heat & eat rolls, puff pastry
– Ready meals over 2-3 shelves/drawers (one for baby, 1-2 for parents)
– Uncooked ready products like savoury rice, peas, sweet potato chips
– Raw uncooked meats like fish, mince, chicken fillets, sausage

If you have a small freezer still group items and split drawers, or if you have a chest freezer, use coloured plastic baskets/trays to group things so you don’t have to unpack everything.

Now it is super easy to see what you have and to plan your week’s meals!

Always ensure you have fresh produce in your fridge to match your ready meals, as well as your raw uncooked meats. Every weekday should start with taking something from the freezer to defrost during the day. Pop it in the oven while you make a salad or steam some veggies!

Freezer organised, dinner organised!

Umatie Love x