Weaning texture tips

Weaning texture tips

Every baby is different. Some will not blink at texture and eat a steak at 8 months (no jokes!) and others will gag in disgust when fed even the slightest texture.

  • Never rush your baby’s progression from one level of food texture to the next faster than he/she is comfortable doing. They are going to eat for the rest of their lives so steady introduction is a-ok!
  • If your baby is more sensitive to texture, rather introduce texture every other day.
  • Have two meals at hand, one they love like yoghurt or a smooth puree, and one textured meal. Offer one spoon smooth, one spoon texture.
  • Another good tip is to dilute textured meals initially to make them runnier. Then slowly make the liquid less until they are fine with the texture consistency you’re introducing.

If your baby is comfortable with the texture of our Petit Purees, you could introduce the next texture level of the Dinky Dinners, and then the next texture of the Mighty Munch when they are ready. The age indication on our packs is only a guideline and you could either follow your baby’s age, or their texture lead. You should essentially mix and match all of our baby meals at around 10-12 months. All of them are still suitable and you will have a great variety to pick from. In the end, the smoother meals will fall away and your baby will be ready to eat mostly textured foodies.

At Umatie we have developed our meals to introduce different textures at each age milestone so we could assist your baby through all the various stages in a breeze!

Umatie Love x