Healthy & happy food associations

Healthy & happy food associations

Relax! Take it eeeeasy! We always recommend avoiding weaning when there is any additional stress and you are able to relax and enjoy the adventure. It’s super important that your baba builds a relaxed, happy, non-pressured association with food from the very beginning. This will create positive associations with food and mealtimes and the healthy food you are feeding them. Easy!

If you want to get scientific about it, you are currently building neural pathways around food and this will affect their reaction to food, mealtimes and healthy food. If the pathways link to experiences which are relaxed and happy, then baba will grow to associate food and mealtimes with something good and will react accordingly. However, if these pathways link experiences to negative emotions resulting from stress and conflict, these emotions will be triggered subconsciously in the future.

Your baby has the rest of their life ahead of them to experiment with food so we never recommend rushing it. The key is that mama, papa and baba are all relaxed and enjoy the weaning journey together.

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Umatie Love x