Mama Mia! We love pasta!

Mama Mia! We love pasta!

Even better when it’s top quality and shaped like unicorn rainbows, twirly whirlies and can be extra ssslurpy!

How to use:
Once cooked (in just a few minutes!), drizzle with olive oil and a little pink salt. Serve with any of our Super Sauces or your baby’s favourite toppings!

Choose from our three freshly frozen pasta options:
Unicorn Rainbow, Twirly Whirly and SSSlurpy! Pasta

Keep it simple but fun with pieces of chopped steamed veggies for colour – like peas, diced carrot, corn or mini broccoli florets tossed with the pasta or simply add grated cheese! With such a good quality pasta it’s even delicious on its own and so much fun to pick & play with for tiny fingers.

Easy-breezy mealtime fun with a side order of magical ssslurping!!!

Umatie Love x