Playful mealtimes with us!

Playful mealtimes with us!

Transform mealtime into a magical adventure with Umatie and make every bite a playful exploration!

WHY is play important during meals?
Developmental Delight: Playing engages motor skills, enhancing your little one’s development.
Happy Eaters: Joyful mealtimes build positive associations with food.
Bonding Bonanza: Playing together fosters stronger connections between you and your child.

Here are 5 TIPS for fun-filled meals:
Foodie Finger Painting: Let them use safe foods as “paints” on their plate.
Colourful Conversations: Talk about the vibrant colours and shapes of their food.
Sharing Stories: Weave a fun narrative around each bite, turning it into part of an exciting story.
Creative Cutlery: Use playful plates and utensils to add an element of fun.
Musical Munchies: Add some tunes to mealtime. Dance breaks between bites, anyone?

Make mealtime an adventure where every spoonful is a step into a world of delicious foodie discovery!

Umatie Love x