Ready? Buckle-up!

Ready? Buckle-up!

Our Mighty Munch meals do not only introduce your little one to 38 nutritious ingredients but also to foodies with chunkier and coarser textures! These meals are the final step in the baby-weaning journey until your little one moves on to our kiddie meals.

But how to introduce increased texture into baba’s diet?

  • Start adding one or two chunkier Mighty Munch meals in combination with our Dinky Dinners to see how your baby finds the increased texture.
  • It is normal for babies to spit out foodies with texture initially – you can add a little cooled-down boiled water to the meal to make the transition runnier.
  • Some babies have no problem with added texture but if you see that your baby is not ready and refuses to eat it, stick to the Dinky Dinners for another month or two. No need to rush this. Rather focus on helping your little one build a positive and fun association with mealtimes.
  • In other cases, some babies have little to no teeth at 10 months, in this instance, wait for a little longer until they are more comfortable with chewing. They are still getting all the nutrients and wholesomeness from our Dinky Dinners range.

OUR GOLDEN RULE: Always follow your baby’s progress!

Umatie Love x