So many yummy options!

So many yummy options!

All our PETIT PUREES are suitable for babies 4-6 months and to start their weaning journey. They are super smooth with no bits.

When your baby has been weaning for about 4 weeks, it’s a good time to start introducing meals with a slight texture. Our DINKY DINNERS have been developed with a baby’s “texture window” in mind. Babies are most open to texture between 7-10 months.

Anytime from 10 months, you can start introducing our MIGHTY MUNCH range. These meals are chunkier and coarser and will be the next little step in their weaning journey. We would recommend that you start adding one or two of these chunkier meals in combination with our Dinky Dinners to see how your baby finds more textured meal options.

Our BULKY BITES range can be enjoyed from 1 year onwards but most kiddies will only start eating this between 1-1.5 years. These meals are not blended anymore and are developed with kiddies in mind – even the fussy ones who pick out the veggies!

Offering variety to your little one’s diet is easy-peasy with the addition of our SUPER SAUCES range. Not only are they loaded with hidden veggies but they are great to make up your own meal.

Umatie Love x