Mom, be open to texture

Mom, be open to texture

For most parents, the idea of choking is a nightmare and we have seen it far too often that parents avoid meals with texture. Our textured meals have been done in two parts (slight texture as well as chunkier
texture) to make the transition effortlessly.

It is important to introduce texture as early as possible for your baby not to miss this “texture window” otherwise they get comfortable with smooth textures only. Babies are most open to texture between 7-10 months.

When your baby has been weaning for about 4 weeks, it’s a good time to start introducing meals with a slight texture. If you started weaning your baby at 5 months, 6 months would be a suitable time to introduce texture. If you started at 6 months, 7 months would be suitable. Babies who started at 4 months can continue for a bit longer until they reach 6 months and then introduce our Dinky Dinners with slight texture.

At 8 months you can start with finger foods in combination with our Petit Purees and Dinky Dinners. This way your baby can explore new textures, develop their hand-and-eye coordination and still enjoy a balanced meal. Developing their tongue actions is also important for speech development. Lots of food will be smeared and will land on the floor… this is part of the super fun texture journey!

A great tip for introducing finger foods is to keep them soft. Steam veggies and fruit pieces so they are soft when you offer them to your baby instead of crunchy veggies and fruit.

Umatie Love x