Taste window: 4-7 Months

Taste window: 4-7 Months

During this time, your little one is like a sponge, eagerly soaking up new flavours and textures. It’s the perfect opportunity to introduce a variety of delicious tastes into their tiny world.

Flavour Exploration Begins!
Research tells us that during this special time, your little one is most open to trying new tastes. It’s like a culinary adventure for them!

Babies are Born Foodies!
Dr Emma Cooke says: “There is a long-standing myth that babies have an underdeveloped sense of taste, which is why bland baby food like rice cereal has conventionally been the first food babies eat. The truth is that babies are actually born with more taste buds than adults and can even develop taste preferences in the womb!”

Why Bland?
For years, the notion was that baby food should be bland, but does that make sense? Why give your precious poppet something that tastes awful? It’s time to embrace their inner foodie!

Flavourful Beginnings
So, let’s celebrate the flavour window! Introduce your baby to a world of tastes. Their foodie journey begins now.

Say GOODBYE to bland and HELLO to tasty adventures!

Umatie Love x