Nurturing unique tastes

Nurturing unique tastes

After a decade of joyfully nourishing countless little ones during their weaning journeys, we can honestly say that every baby is wonderfully unique. Some cherish purees indefinitely, while others are adventure-seekers from day one. Some munch on steak with a complete set of teeth at 8 months (yes, it happens!), while others wrinkle their noses at the mere scent of chicken.

Every munchkin is on their own exciting food adventure, and it’s your delightful job as a parent to guide them. Your vital role? Introduce flavours and tastes, nurturing their palate to love good food from the start!

1. Flavour Matters
Babies aren’t taste novices; they’re born with discerning palates. So, why feed them bland food? Our rule: “If you wouldn’t eat it, don’t give it to your baby!”

2. Timing is Key
Start solids around 4-6 months, the “flavour window” for babies to explore tastes.

3. First Flavors
Our Petit Purees introduce 30 unique ingredients for 4-to-6-month-olds. Add soft fruits for variety.

4. Portion Perfection
For starter eaters, portion size is about 40-60g. Our 120g tubs can be split into 2 x 60g or 3 x 40g servings.

5. Textural Transition
At 7-10 months, introduce Dinky Dinners for texture.

6. Mighty Munch
From 10 months, add chunky Mighty Munch to the mix.

7. Bulky Bites for Bigger Kids
At 1-1.5 years, try Bulky Bites meals – unblended, perfect for older kids.

8. Versatile Super Sauces
Super Sauces are veggie-packed bases for creative meals for kiddies

Umatie Love x