Pack’em & Stack’em

Pack’em & Stack’em

Did you know that we have 22 baby meals packed with nutrients and 20 kiddie meals stacked with wholesomeness?

With meals aplenty, you can pack’em and stack’em in your freezer!!!

How to introduce our Baby range –
Start by introducing our Petit Purees, as your baby reaches the next milestone, you add the Dinky Dinners and then Mighty Munch meals next in line. By the age of 12 months, you should be giving your baby a combination of all three of our ranges, suitable from 6-12 months.

How to mix & match our Kiddie range –
At 12 months, you could start offering our kiddie meals. If your little one is not entirely ready, it’s a-ok as most babies would only really be open to enjoying meals with bigger chunks between 15-18 months. If you have a little chomper and easy-breezy texture eater, you are welcome to start introducing our kiddies range from 1 year. Choose from 12 super tasty ready meals or opt for our 5 sauces to mix with 3 freshly frozen pasta options, with more fun tips & tricks to be found on our saucy tubs!

Happy Umatie Eating!

Umatie Love x