Yay or nay to texture?

Yay or nay to texture?

Introducing texture can be a bit of a struggle as all babies are different, but once they get the hang of it, it will be much easier to offer foodies with chunkier texture! Promise!

Here are our fun tips if your 8-month-old baby doesn’t show that much interest in feeding themself or playing with their food:

Remember at this age it starts with playing and ends up going into self-feeding. Start introducing foodie bits with texture with every meal from 8 months. Even if it’s only grated cheese, some spaghetti strings, blocks of brown bread (crust removed) spread thinly with plain cream cheese, blueberries quartered, avocado or tiny blocks of watermelon.

Add a few of their favourite toys to the mix. Or buy some plastic dinosaurs or fish, even those stock standard farm animal packs! You can easily rinse them and keep things hygienic after the play-eating sessions. Pretend the dinosaur is eating the cheese… make noises and give a bite to Mr Dino and then mommy is taking a bite, “mmmmm!” (loads of sound effects) and then baba is taking a bite. Around you go! Storytelling and visual interaction between the food and who is eating it are key. Everyone in the kitchen should participate. It should be a game and fun – and everyone’s doing it. Then leave your little one to play and explore.

Umatie Love x